We’re Opening Doors For New Opportunities


Lykins & Lykins

We’re Opening Doors For New Opportunities

As specialists in Real Estate Loss Mitigation — Lykins & Lykins is your resource for bank watch list assets and REO properties in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With first hand experience of the intricacies of bank lending, regulations and underwriting requirements, we assist lending institutions with their workout strategy, negotiations, review of leases as well as market analysis, comparables and appraisal reviews.

Our firm possesses a rich real estate/lending expertise, which began in the turbulent ‘80s. Similar to today’s environment, we have worked through the FDIC/RTC takeovers and restructures in the real estate industry in Arizona. We have built a successful team of real estate banking professionals, which focus on the repositioning of REO properties for financial institutions — whether small community banks locally — or national banks operating throughout the west. Liking & Liking also provides a full service real estate division as well as, departments for landscaping, staging, cleaning and construction completion.

Our experience is broad based and comprehensive in nature. We will aggressively market and provide valuable Current Market Analysis to assist you in assessing the value of your portfolio. We understand your shareholders demand the mitigation of losses.

Our combined banking and real estate expertise in the industry is unparalleled. I/With over 18 years experience we have underwritten multi-faceted transactions from $250,000 to $250, 000,000.

No one understands the issues facing banks today better than our firm and you can take that to the bank!

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Will and Stacey Lykins, Managing Directors
Lykins & Lykins Professional Co.